Search Options

Contingency Searches

We dedicate our time and efforts to meet and screen individuals and only send through highly suitable candidates. We introduce qualified finance & accounting talents from our database as well as actively target and headhunt new potentials in the market.

Clients are charged a service fee only upon successful placement and after the start of employment. With each successful placement, we attach a fixed rate of 30% based on the annual income.

Retainer Searches

Our retained search option is tailored to clients who are looking to fill a finance or accounting position in Tokyo within the shortest period of time and with specific instructions on confidentiality.

Working closely with HR and hiring managers, we discuss the job requirements and provide a market map of the potential talents in the market. We work on an agreed time schedule for the hire and provide a shortlist of candidates who we have met and carefully screened to match the job requirement.

Clients are invoiced an agreed amount once at the start of our search – typically 1/3 of the total expected service fee. We start on the work immediately after our initial meeting and require no further payment until we successful complete the assignment.